Advanced Treatments Program

Treatments well include all inside and outside locations against the crawling insect   reptile & rodents.

  • Firstly:  the major treatment.
  • Secondly:  strengthen after 3 weeks from the major     treatment.
  • Thirdly: Then our treatment will be every 3 weeks to one month after the second treatment.
  • Fourthly:  cyclic treatment in every month.


We are observers: if any type of rodents and insects are occurring suddenly we will apply reports every month about the conditions.


Spraying tools and machines:


* Handle pressing pump "hand press" used for creeping insects.

* B&G machine (sprayer of Bayer brand) with pipette using for specify the target.

                * Silicon is used to close deep holes after treatment (IF NEEDED).

                * Thermal fogger (outside fogger)

                * ULV very small spray (internal).

                * Sprayer with high pressure.