About us

The experience of our company ADVANCED developed as one of the best world companies in the short time.


We are using the most recent of the world laboratory productions (effective and safe materials to control on reptile insects ("cockroach, ants, spiders, worms") in addition to a new system of killing rodents (mice, rats) by using special methods. Include the using of more than 14 sorts of treatments against rodents.


Our company services are operating under the international rules and systems, as WHO and U.S.A environmental protection agency, British establishment of pest control and were operating under to the healthcare rules which developed by environmental protection assembly and the Jordanian general health.


Why Advanced Distinguishes from others???

  • Advanced has been using more than 30 deferent materials, to kill all reptiles, rodents and insects perfectly.
  • Advanced is offering you a guarantee, of up to 100% in killing disturbing cockroaches perfectly from your kitchen.
  • We are working 24 hours, and you can call us any time.


Advanced mission:

Customer satisfaction is our goal through the credibility of providing our services to the highest levels of quality and excellence while giving competitive prices that appear evident through the increase in the number of discerning customers each year and gain confidence that we cherish.


Advanced staff:

 We would also like to draw your attention that we are a company specialized operating control work under the supervision of a dedicated staff of agricultural engineering degree campaign in addition to our technical staff also holders of agricultural engineering degree.