Pest and rodent control and public health pesticide spraying

Public health pesticide workshops are one of the most important services of Advance. Advance’s experience in this field has made it the world’s leading company, as it uses the latest effective and safe materials produced by international laboratories approved by health and public safety organizations to expel crawling insects from (cockroaches) , Ants, Spiders, Fleas, …….) And flying insects (flies, mosquitoes,…) in addition to the specialized systems for eliminating rodents (mice, rats) by following the pattern of treatments or fumigation with the latest devices under the supervision of specialized and experienced engineers in addition to services Agricultural pest control For gardens and farms.

We also want to draw your attention that we are a company specialized in control work that works under the supervision of a specialized staff of holders of an agricultural engineering certificate in addition to that our technical staff also hold a certificate of agricultural engineering.


German cockroach

One of the small types of cockroaches, as it ranges between 1.3 cm (0.51 inches) and 1.6 cm (0.63 inches), but it usually increases in size. German cockroach skin tends to brown near,This …


House flies: they are the most dangerous types of insects that are active in movement. Mouth parts are licking that secretes saliva on food, and then absorbs it. Her life cycle: eggs are white  …


Sand fly: a small insect with long, thin legs on its body, dense bristles and parts of the mouth, a sticky rodent that exists in the depths, especially in the baths, and feeds on the blood of fly. It is  …


There are two ways to control bugsa : Treatment by using hand pumps and closing the site for 8 hours, as bedding, clothes and all home furniture are turned over. After treatment, it is …

Rodent control

Searching for the sources from which the rodents enter, whether they are mice or rats, and making a recommendation book for maintenance or any notes that could prevent them from …


Advance Pest and Pest Control Company

Advance uses more than thirty different materials to completely eliminate all types of rodents, reptiles and insects, and from the finest international species and materials authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, where the instructions of the manufacturers’ labels are applied with great precision.

We are working to change pesticides used to avoid immunity to them.

We also offer you an absolute guarantee of up to 100% by completely eliminating the annoying pests that you suffer from.

Advance can provide you with a safe and healthy environment free of insects, reptiles, rodents and disturbing disease-carrying household pests within various programs.

A team of specialized engineers conducts a free site inspection and inspection process to develop a specific plan and strategy for everyone.