It is one of the rodents that people are keen to fight and eliminate and prevent them from entering homes, stores, factories, shops and warehouses because they are rodents that lend, destroy and destroy anything, except for that of mice from dirty animals that contain impure and Dirt in their body and extremities due to the place where it lives, especially as it prefers to live in sewers, and also carries parasites and viruses in its body. When it lends to food, it works to damage food and contaminate it with viruses, which leads to human infection with dangerous diseases such as plague, and many mice Movement and you can clear b BL and urine anywhere, especially if they entered the kitchen working on contaminated, so we can eliminate mice in several ways after confirming the closure of all ports and access all the cracks and drill if they are present.

Place mousetrap

One should determine where the mice enter, then place the traps around these areas, and it is advised to pay attention to what comes when placing traps:
Trap type: One can choose between a deadly trap and a sticky trap that does not kill the mouse, and CDC recommends avoiding the use of sticky traps, because the mouse does not die in it and may urinate out of fear, and urine can spread diseases.
Bait type: the appropriate bait should be selected to attract mice to the trap.
Trap site: The trap site is an important matter that should be taken care of because mice are cautious and very smart creatures, so the CDC recommends placing traps perpendicular to the wall, similar to the letter T in English, and placing the trap in a place where mice might be present In it, like large pieces of furniture, and dark places.

Methods for getting rid of rodents

Trap method The trap is one of the methods used to catch mice, where the bait is placed on the trap and when the mouse comes at night and lends food, the trap is applied to his feet or his body, so easy prey falls in the trap.

The adhesive has been circulating drugs and adhesives used to hold the mouse where the food is placed on a cardboard paper and a quantity of adhesive is placed around it and it is a sticky substance such as strong glue, it is able to catch the mouse alive, and when the mouse sticks to the taste it is difficult to move because it is a severe material Adhesion and after that the furnace is disposed of, we point out that these traps are placed in places where we suspect the presence of mice and it is preferable to put them at night so that we avoid children approaching them and preferably put them under lockers and tables and between closed places.
Toxic rodent control centers distribute poisoning to rodents such as mice and rats, and upon obtaining the poison we make sure to put the poison out of the reach of children because it is a very toxic powder that kills immediately, the poison of the mouse is applied by putting food and putting poison on it It is preferable to place it on a piece of tomato and put it behind the refrigerator, behind the doors and behind the cupboards, and when swallowing the toxic taste we notice the disappearance of the mouse somewhere and make sure that the mouse is still poisoned because it ate the poison and the taste.