Flies are considered to be a species of insects belonging to the species of fly. It is considered a branch of arthropods, and there are thousands of types of flies in the whole world, as flies spread and appear in abundance in the first of summer and early autumn, and flies are characterized by their small size and multiple colors, and also having some benefits and some damages In a human’s life.


Types of flies

Flies have many types such as: flies that harm a person and cause disease like a tsetse fly that affects a person with sleeping sickness and the inability to wake up. Predatory flies, such as Drosophila, cause multiple tree diseases.


Fly colors

Flies have several colors: White flies: which are named after their wings covered with white wax and feed on vegetable succulents. Blue Flies: nicknamed “Cemetery Flies” because they live and feed on corpses. Green Flies: characterized by a strong sense of smell, which comes on the smell of blood and carcasses, places of livestock raising and pastures, and places of feces and urine.


Getting rid of flies

Flies prefer to stay at home because the air temperature may be appropriate, and food is available, so you find it entering from any gap that enables it to do so, whether from doors or windows, and this increases during the hours of noon as it escapes from the heat outside, so the residents of the house disturb its buzz, and stand on Food and polluting it, as well as glass and curtains to leave its litter on it, and if the flies are not eliminated, it will multiply inside the home, to become full with them after weeks.


Ways to get rid of flies

Some ways to get rid of flies include:


  • Use of pesticides on a weekly basis.
  • Use of electric or stick fly traps.

Installing air curtains in open spaces.