The moth is a small insect that parasitizes on clothes, carpets and blankets, which causes many damage and affect human health, as it leads to scabies and allergies in the respiratory system, and it must be noted to the multiplicity of moth types, including dust moth and bird moth, It can be disposed of depending on the type and location where it is located Ways to fight the moth at home
Ways to control moths at home include:
1 – The use of pesticide strips between clothing.
2 – Spraying insecticides between the cracks of cabinets.
3 – Use box traps to attract insects, or pillows with a little protein materials such as fishmeal.

Moth types

  • Ear moths
  • Itching moths
  • Bird moths
  • Clover moths.


Flea is a small wingless insect that feeds on the blood of animals and birds. Flea is a parasite because it lives on the bodies of animals or on the human body, making it a shelter for him to live in, and take advantage of their blood as a source of food, which is transmitted from one body to another, transmitting diseases From one animal to another, or to humans, because of the large amounts of bacteria it carries with it from the blood of the parasites. The flea feeds on human blood by sucking blood from the skin after puncturing it with a strong sting. It is similar in the lice but is less adaptive and specialized in its functions, and the flea sting causes a very strong itch that leads to moderate – and sometimes large – puffiness. In addition, these insects can be very dangerous because of their ability to transmit and spread diseases among people, or transmit to them from animals, and one of the most serious diseases transmitted by them: plague, typhus or freckle fever. It is recommend to eliminate fleas that live on animals, especially sheep, cats and dogs, and these animals are usually around the house, which makes it easy for the flea to jump into the humans and hide in their clothes and then feed on their blood, and fleas do not like to stay permanently for a long time on the body they prefer to move and jump from one animal to another, and in the event of the death of the breadwinner, it leaves them because it loses its ability to provide her with food. These organisms are famous for the strength of their legs, and their ability to jump large distances compared to their size, one of them can jump a distance of thirty centimeters at once.

Types of fleas

Fleas are divided into many types, but each of these species has the competence of a single organism that usually lives only on it. Fleas have evolved over time to adapt to the circumstances and parasitization needs on each body of animals, such as: dog fleas that live only on Dog bodies, including cat flea, swine flea, rat flea, and even human flea. Dog fleas can live on a human body, and vice versa, because they have the adaptations they need to feed on human blood as well, but this is not normal. All types of these insects are similar in appearance, function and lifestyle

How to eliminate fleas

  • 1- Request for pest control services from the private companies to do so: where the use of private insecticides that combat the presence of mites in the site through mechanical pumps – where the site is evacuated for a period of time at successive intervals.
  • 2- Use of gas: where gas pipelines are placed at the site at great distances and close all windows and evacuate the site for 72 hours.


Many people suffer from the presence of bugs in many parts of their homes, and bugs are a small insect with a brown color and shape of a flat oval, which are considered household pests. Bedbugs consist mainly of human blood. They bite them in an area of their skin. The bug is about six to nine millimeters long, spreading around the world, and living for about two to three months (if abundant food is available), during which it goes out once every week in search of food.

Some associate the appearance of bedbugs with insufficient hygiene in the home, but it may also result from raising pets at home, buying used furniture without making sure it is clean and thoroughly examined, or lack of knowledge on how to prevent it. Although it does not transmit diseases, it should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Signs of bedbugs:

There are several signs that can indicate that bugs reproduce at home. Of course, seeing brown adult bugs and the oval body is the decisive sign of their presence, but there are other signs as well. Carpet, furniture, or wall cracks. Adult insects also constantly flay their skin (such as snakes) and may be noticeable in some parts of the house. One of the easy signs of bedbugs is to look for its remnants. When these insects return to their hideouts, they leave behind brown or black spots on the surfaces on which they walk. Of course, red skin ulcers are most important. The effect of the bug bite is similar to the bites of many other domestic lesions.

Bugs are one of the spoiled insects, its presence in the house produces many problems such as the appearance of stains on the sheets and furniture, bugs live on the absorption of blood and when its death leaves bloody red spots, and bugs are a source of transmission of many diseases, especially infectious diseases.

For the sake of the health of our citizens, we work to eliminate bedbugs in the best way, and because the bedbugs multiply quickly and covertly the process of eliminating it takes some time, and often gets rid of it through two stages in the spraying of pesticides

How to eliminate bugs completely

1- Resorting to specialized companies for pest control: the most effective ways and the first methods used to get rid of bugs quickly and guaranteed, where these companies are looking for insects and pests around the house, and get rid of them by using the best and most appropriate tools


Insecticides can be used to get rid of bedbugs at home. There are some pesticides that have been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Permethrin and Albarutheroad: chemicals that are the most common used to kill bugs.

Pyroleas such as: Chlorphenapir, it kills bugs by disrupting their cells.

Naonicotinwads: they are chemicals that are harmful to the nervous system tactless.

Dasikants: it is one of the types of materials that kill bugs, but works slowly, so may take a few months to kill all the bugs

2-     Covering all holes and gaps: The holes and cracks are the preferred places for bugs, they hide and live and multiply inside, so you should close any hole in the house, which helps in the elimination of existing bugs and prevent future breeding

3-     The use of anti-bedbugs network: a network made of fibers and fine threads, and this technique is based on capturing bugs sticking to them, which limits the movement so that it cannot reproduce and search for food