German cockroach

One of the small types of cockroaches, as it ranges between 1.3 cm (0.51 inches) and 1.6 cm (0.63 inches), but it usually increases in size. The color of the German cockroach’s skin tends to brown close to black, and has two black bars running parallel to the head to the base of its wings. Although it has wings, it cannot fly. And the presence of this cockroach is more frequent in places inhabited by humans. This cockroach is always found in restaurants, food processing places, hotels and care homes. And in cold climates, this cockroach is hides near human habitations because it cannot handle the cold much. It is considered one of the insects that increase its activity at night. This type of cockroach may smell bad when irritated or intimidated

Its life cycle: three stages eggs – nymphs – a complete insect

 Health importance:

Cockroach can transmit pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella on its legs, later put it on food and cause food poisoning. Home dust containing excreta and parts of the cockroach’s body can lead to allergies and asthma in some individuals.

Methods of getting rid of cockroaches

There are many solutions for cockroaches, and to get rid of them you can do the following:

Closing cracks, gaps around sewers, electrical outlets and around heating tubes, through which cockroaches can enter.

  • Covering the drains on the lower floors of the buildings, working to check the windows and making sure that their sides are free of ports through which cockroaches can enter.
  • The use of boric acid, or silica helioglyph, which is one of the chemicals used to fight cockroaches, and has been designed nebulizer cockroaches so that it can reach difficult places.


The cockroach returns under the family of Blattodea in addition to grasshoppers, and it is one of the rank of winged insects, where its wings are transparent brown in color, and their body is flattened brown brownish to black which helps them to move between the small and narrow openings, and it has six legs and two pods and two large eyes, and the cockroach is one of the domestic pests that It works to cause great harm to homes, especially wooden materials, in addition to psychological harm due to its bad smell.

American cockroach: large size, as it reaches 5 cm in length and tends to be burnt brown in color, has two wings complete and is found in humid places.

Strange information about cockroaches

  • can live for a whole month without food.
  • it survives if her heart stops for an hour and is fully active.
  • it can stop breathing for 45 minutes.

They are the only ones that will survive if a nuclear explosion occurs on the planet Earth.

  • Running at a great speed of five kilometers per hour.

Ways of expelling cockroaches

  • Check the walls, windows, and doors and make sure that they are free of cracks that allow cockroaches to enter the home. Working on blocking water outlets and air conditioners, as they are an ideal place for the growth of cockroaches and their reproduction.
  • The use of pesticides that contain several mixtures of pesticides, because cockroach has a great ability to produce antibiotics for toxins that affect it.

Cockroaches appear in places that are not continuously cleaned, especially in bathrooms. Cockroaches emerge through sewage drains, and the reasons for their appearance are also water leaks.

In eliminating cockroaches, we follow two methods, the first method is to spray pesticides on the visible cockroaches, and the second method is to spray pesticides and powder is drained into the sewage drains and manholes in the site to kill eggs and small hidden cockroaches.