Mosquitoes are considered to be one of the insects scattered all over the world, and it transmits many diseases to humans, and it also causes a great inconvenience for them, so that it prevents it from sleeping well due to its painful bites that cause it allergies and itching. In other areas, mosquitoes can be eliminated by following several methods, in addition to some effective natural mixtures to control them.

Mosquito control

Thunderbolt rackets Thunderbolts are an effective way to get rid of mosquitoes, but there is one drawback to it, which is the inconvenience it causes throughout the night because of its sound. Mosquito nets Mosquito nets are an ancient method that is still effective in protecting against mosquitoes, and care must be taken not to leave any holes to avoid mosquitoes from entering.

Mosquito control methods

In the beginning to eliminate mosquitoes, we must discover the place where mosquitoes breed, before we eliminate them at home, we must eliminate their source, if we live near swamps, lakes, or stagnant water, which are the places that mosquitoes usually breed, we must spray these places with pesticides before the summer, to ensure that as many people as possible can be killed, and – also – some trees may be a mosquito’s home, so that they can breed in it, so it is best to spray trees near the house, but perhaps these methods will not make mosquito problem end.

There are many types of pesticides that can kill mosquitoes or at least expel them from the house. These pesticides are everywhere, and they are usually inexpensive, and they are used by spraying the place where mosquitoes are in the house, and it is best to spray the house it is before dark, because this is the time when mosquitoes are active and enter  houses, and care must be taken when using these sprays, as they are often harmful to humans, and they should not be used extensively because they harm the environment, and – also – they should not be used near any a flame, because it contains flammable materials, and must be out of reach of children, knowing the appropriate time to use it away from children so as not to cause them harm. Mosquito repellers: There are some medications that are local – that is, the person places them on the exposed part of his body – such as the face, neck, hands and feet. These medications are creams that can be used to expel mosquitoes so as they cannot approach your body, and it is advisable to use these substances with children to protect them from mosquito bites, as they are most susceptible to diseases transmitted by mosquitoes; due to their weak immunity, here what we mean by children is not newborn babies because these materials should not be used with newborn babies because their bodies cannot tolerate chemicals, but a piece of transparent cloth can be used by placing them on the child’s bed and that should cover protecting them

Electric zappers: Several electrical zappers, of different shapes and colors, have been invented. These zappers are dedicated to insects and kill them by electrocuting them. There are many mosquito zappers, and there is a circular type of blue-lit lighting that works with electricity. This machine is placed in the place that contains mosquitoes, provided that the place is dimmed – well – so that the lightning of the mosquito is attractive to insects, and leave it for a full night, and you will find that it relieves you of all insects With all the types found in the place, there is another type of zappers that is in the form of a tennis racket and works with batteries, and this makes you catch mosquitoes while in the air by striking them with the racket. All these types of zappers are useful in killing mosquitoes and other insects, but they have recently been proven to cause many diseases, because lightning strikes due to the of release carbon dioxide and it is a toxic substance, so care must be taken when using it.

The use of mosquito net: The mosquito net is a piece of white transparent cloth and is used by placing it over the bed and closing the bed on all sides until you protect yourself from mosquito bites, and the mosquito net is good for protecting children.