Granting a certified certificate from Advance Pest Control

Dear customers, we are pleased to offer you an accredited certificate from Advance Pest and Pest Control in Jordan for all categories of clients, institutions, companies and individuals.

Expelling crawling insects of all kinds with an annual guarantee.

There are many of these harmful pests, such as the German cockroach that resides in the kitchens and the American cockroach that transports many.

Diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, dysentery, and these cockroaches are found inside manholes and wooden boxes, and also

Pests include ants, beetles, and bed bugs (and fleas) that infect homes and pose a major threat to our children and our health, which…

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Combating rodents (mice and rats) with their guarantee.

Rodents cause many health problems, including biting hands and faces, and transmit many diseases such as plague, typhus, Malta fever, cholera, skin infections and other serious diseases that affect humans by rodents, so we made an integrated program of attractive pheromone traps and poisonous grafts without causing any side effects Caused by the death of these pests in the facility where we use materials that are embalmed automatically upon death, which prevents their dissolution and the release of unpleasant odors.

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The treatment for flying insects and fleas without electric traps, smoke, or smell.

We designed an integrated program to eliminate and reduce the severity of the presence of these insects from flies that transmit many diseases through feces or what sticks to their legs, mosquitoes and the midges that absorb human blood and transport many diseases and where they use repellents has its own internal and traps are carried out by smoking sophisticated and very modern devices in the outer perimeter of the site.

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Annual contracts for restaurants, hospitals and hotels

Advanced has a wide customer base that varies between

Governmental sectors food factories

Hotels, houses and shopping centers

International restaurants

In addition to bakeries, sweets, clubs and private farms, we are among the most distinguished customers.

Recall some of them not on …

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Processing warehouses and stores from licorice that destroys food

ADVANCED provides pest control services in warehouses and food and drug stores under the supervision of technicians

Preventive methods: by following environmental health conditions and in food establishments in order to limit their spread as a preventive measure

A number of health measures must be mentioned that help limit the spread of insects in warehouses, factories and buildings where food is stored or manufactured, which in turn works to attract insects.

Disposing of industrial waste and residues in an up-to-date manner in a way that does not allow the insects to multiply and then spread to the warehouses

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Fighting bedbugs, fleas, and mites from homes

Moth is one of the small insects that parasitize clothes, carpets and blankets, which causes many damages to it and affects human health, as it leads to scabies and respiratory allergies, and it must be noted that there are many types of mites, From it dust mite and bird moth, and it is possible to get rid of it depending on its type and the places it is located

To get rid of the moth, it is necessary to know ways to expel it.

Ways to combat mites at home …

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Expelling reptiles from scorpions and snakes with modern scientific methods

It is a rank of invertebrate animal that belongs to the arachnid sect, has eight feet, and lives in hot and dry areas

Hiding in burrows and crevices, under stones and rocks, seeking moisture, and avoiding the heat of the sun

There are around 2000 species of scorpions in the world. Most scorpions are toxic, as the toxic gland is located at the end of the tail

Scorpions are considered to be very harmful insects, which often live in the desert, especially those large sizes of scorpions.

Scorpions remain hidden throughout the day, and appear at night to search for water and food

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Treating spiders to get rid of them and their homes hanging from the roofs

Female trap door spider is one of the spiders that live for a long time, but its males live for only seven years, as it

A female trap-door spider can live in captivity for 25 years

The spiders of the trap door reach maturity at the age of seven, and this age is considered the age of mating, as they mate once during the year

These spiders have poisonous glands located at the bottom of the tusks, and the poison is transmitted to the body of prey through the tusks.

Its venom kills the prey or paralyzes it, and liquids its body contents, so that the spider can absorb it, by targeting the nervous system in the prey.

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Available for your service, inspection and free preventive consulting

Please provide us with the numbers you prefer to contact us

For the purposes of coordinating visit dates and settling convention values

We hope to reach you to the highest levels of public health

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Issuing a health certificate from the company for restaurants that are committed to annual contracts

The client is granted after signing the public health services agreement

A certificate from the company stating that the site is subject to a public health program

It shall be approved by the Ministry of Health

And the Ministry of Agriculture, where it is awarded annually as services start on site

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