Processing warehouses and stores of weevils:

ADVANCED company provides pest control services in warehouses and food and drug stores under the supervision of specialized technicians. The process of pest control is carried out by scientific methods to avoid pesticide damage to food and medicines. .


A name given to a large group of insects belonging to the family of beetles. Weevils belong to the family of beetles, which include a very large number of species, of which has more than 65,000 species, and is considered a very bad economic scourge. Weevils have two sensory horns stretched horizontally on either side of the mouth. When the eggs of female mites are mature, they use their hoses to make small holes in the stems of the plants to hide the eggs inside them. She lives in her and needs to adapt to it, and her life cycle continues based on the consumption of the plant in which she lives of
These organisms prefer to live inside plants, they lay their eggs in the grain of wheat and grains or in the stems and branches of the plant, and when the eggs hatch out of the larvae, they continue to get food from the plant itself to support their growth, enter the grain of wheat and devour what is inside, or look for other parts After a while, it makes a cocoon around herself and becomes a pupa, from which she emerges as a fully-grown insect. But once the weevil reaches adulthood, it is possible to be attracted to the buildings and residential facilities around it. When the weather conditions are not favorable, such as abundant rainfall or severe drought, the weevil insects prefer to seek shelter to protect them from entering. The way of any holes or cracks in the walls and around the doors or windows, spread in different places of the house or warehouses, and one of the most common types of mites in houses and food warehouses and damage to food and household food is the Weevil, which specializes Attack crops including wheat, barley, corn, rice, and put females eggs to cause gaps in the grain carried by plant casings and Teds eggs inside, so the larvae feeds on wheat or rice, and where gaps occur and go out to look for more food

Pest control in food establishments:

Pest control in these facilities requires two main measures:
1 – Preventive methods: by following the conditions of environmental health and food facilities in order to limit the spread of preventive measure.
A number of hygienic measures should be mentioned that help to reduce the spread of insects in warehouses, factories and buildings where foodstuffs are stored or manufactured that attract insects. These methods include:

A- Disposal of waste and manufacturing waste in a way that does not allow insects to reproduce and then spread to the warehouses.

B- The buildings should be isolated from the outside atmosphere and equipped with air curtains. These buildings should be free from cracks, cracks and neglected narrow places.

C- Get rid of stagnant water, and everything that will harbor insects.

C- Get rid of stagnant water, and everything that will harbor insects.

2 – the elimination of insects by any of the methods of extermination: in case of exacerbation and insufficient methods of prevention.
** Manual methods: It is the elimination of insects manually in a non-scientific and healthy.
Electrocution: Using flying insect traps
** Use of insecticides to sterilize and disinfect the site: as these pesticides are two types, including what is toxic and cause the death of the insect, and some of which is repellent, which is used to keep insects away from the site such as naphthalene and tar, and some of which is attractive to attract insects to catch and eliminate them immediately Touching her or when eating them

Getting rid of weevils:

At the beginning of the pesticide spraying company depends on knowing the source from which the insects were present on the site, by knowing the source we can avoid the appearance again in the same place.
Due to the long experience of ADVANCED pesticide spraying, it has its own ways to eliminate type of insects
Weevils are one of the most important threats to wooden furniture in the house. Weevils live and reproduce inside the wood. Wood can be from the beginning with internal defects or that weevil is present in it before moving it even to the house.
We learn about mites where there are traces of wood necrosis next to the furniture. We deal with mites in a cautious manner, so that one group is not eliminated while another group is hiding. Pesticides are sprayed to eliminate the mites inside the places that the mites have decayed, and next to all the wooden furniture